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roger_fuller.jpgThis blog represents a series of conversations and reflections about education in the 21'st Century.


This blog provides an open forum for Dr. Fuller, the CEO of Gryphondale Educational Services, to review and reflect on educational trends, educational issues, while making some personal observations.


The blog allows for comments from its readers; however, users will be asked to use their names and comments are moderated. Perhaps the only constant is change, and it seems that this blog is always a work in progress.


If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to write to me at rfuller@MaineNet.org 


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CMP - Maine and a Corridor

Walking Wonders

College Admissions

Stone Walls and Assessment II

Stone Walls and Assessment

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October Update

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Some Changes Are in Order

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2018-07-09 - Update and Reflection

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Climate Change III??

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Climate Change II?

Climate Change?

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Leaf Raking and Stewardship

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2018-04-20 Update

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Proficiency Diplomas - Update Reflection

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2018-04-14 - Update

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2018-04-06 Update

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2018-03-30 Update

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Proficiency Based Ed VI- What's Possible

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2018-03-23 - Update

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Getting to Graduation-PBD Report

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Proficiency Based Education IV - Grading

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2018-02-23 Update

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Proficiency Based Learning II

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Time to Change

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2018-02-16 Update

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