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Mid Summer Brush Burn

Yesterday at the “farm,” we had mid-summer burn day. That means we had a great brush fire.

All through the spring, we clear the brush, gather the brush, lug the brush, pile up the brush… all in wait for the “burn day.”

It had rained, despite the drought, the ground was soaked, and Katrina suggested that we do the “burn.” She hates piles of things left around. No one can blame her for that, but she is pretty dogmatic.

So, burn day.
Half a cup of gas on the wet brush.
A carefully placed match

Up it goes.

And for the next three hours, I attend the fire, bringing more brush and tipping the fringes back into the pile. I have a long charcoaled stick to help and walk around the fire to keep it going.

We also have a hose. A long hose, with the water turned on.

Mid-Summer Brush Bonfire - done!

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