Updates and Changes

Well, good morning.


It's been a bit of time since I've posted anything here - much to my consternation.  On the other hand, my role in the legislature took a great deal of time - the freshman legislator had to learn - and learn lots.


There's nothing at all quite like beginning something new - something brand new and something that challenges all the previously held assumptions to set priorities in a new order.


The legislature is done for a bit now, and it's time to return to The New Classroom.  There's lots to report and record, and first - there is new softwawre to make the system work.


Runar has developed a new interface for First Magic 3.2 and I've moved all the blogs to this new interface. Again, somthing to learn.  So, there will be some expeimentation, some changes, some differetn ways of doing the posts.  By the way, Runar makes the best web creation tool on planet Earth.


Thanks for your patience as the blog continues its development.

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