Stone Walls and Assessment II

2019-02-25 -

Stone Walls and Assessment II

This thing about assessment keeps me focused over seasons of thought.

Building or re-building the stone wall was an interesting exercise - and it provided exercise as well.

As teachers we make some assumptions - and these assumptions may lake life-verifiable truth. We can not assume that all children, all students are alike - or - that they can do the same activities in the same way. Or, that they can or should pass the same test in the same way.

All those neurons, all so connected in so many different ways - and reforming connections throughout life.

Perhaps the only way to know what a student “knows and is able to do” is by gathering examples of achievements along the course of learning.

If I were a professional stone wall builder, then I would want to gather a portfolio of accomplishments and evidence to show my skills and abilities. I show what I can do by showing what I have done.

No test is ever the only tool to be used in assessment. Tests are tools, but only one of many. A screwdriver does not pound a nail.

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