Social Responsiblity and Taxes

Social Responsibility and Tax Overhaul

So, I  have studied up a bit on the recent tax overhaul proposals submitted by the Republican administration in Washington.  The recent plan passed by the Senate to overhaul the tax structures for American taxpayers seems socially irresponsible and repressive.

We know that taxes are necessary, and we understand that taxes are used to advance social concerns. We use taxes to protect the common welfare and to advance the common good.

At the same time the recent bill passed by the Senate seems to advance the welfare of the upper-class while simultaneously punishing the lower class. How is that socially responsible?

It would seem that those people most able to pay would be willing or at least responsible enough to pay their fair share of taxes in order to enable others to advance up the social ladder. What we see, however, is that the upper-class gets the largest tax breaks and the lower class is asked to pay for it.

Ironies abound. It strikes me as supremely ironic that the people who voted for the current administration are the ones paying for our leaders to manipulate laws as we watch the wealth of the country move to the upper class.

Income inequality has never been more real. The impact of this income inequality will affect us for decades.

How is any of this responsible leadership?  Where is the stewardship for the common person, the struggling individual, the working class?

It was Ben Franklin who said “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”  It seems that today we have altered that expression to say there's only one certainty for most of us,” Death by taxes."

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