Post-Climate Change - Maybe


Apparently, others are thinking as I am thinking - or as I posted some thoughts yesterday.

In a Huffington Post article entitled, “Will Puerto Rico Be the Prequel to Global Post-Climate Change Dystopia,” the author, Miles Mogulescu, raises some important questions - and it’s nice to know others are beginning to think in the same direction.   (Post Climate Change)

He asks a pretty profound question -


Republicans and the donor class who finances them often claim that even if man-made climate change exists, it would cost the economy too much to resist it, much less roll it back. But what’s the economic, human and social cost of devastating storms making key populated areas all but unlivable and threatening  the foundations of organized civilization?


That’s a hefty question. What if we are beginning to see a trend in the collection of historic storms of this season?


What if Puerto Rico is the canary?


What if Puerto Rico is the canary and we have avoided the signs?

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