October Update

It's been a long time since last posting here.  There's a reason.

During my time as a legislator in the State of Maine for District 59 of Lewiston, ME, I was very very careful not to post any ideas or thoughts here which might compromise my role as a legislator serving on the Education Committee.

Having decided not to run again, my term is coming to an end.  I have already closed and deleted my legislative blog. Very shortly, I will delete my Facebook page for District 59. 

All this is part of a process.  The learning from being a legislator has been significant and wonderful, and I've enjoyed it tremendously. 

At the same time, while I have limited my postings as they relate to education, I no longer feel that need to keep the two worlds so completely separate.  As I will not be a legislator, it is more appropriate now to post items here as they relate to education. 

And so, I've added the "...and Stuff" designation to the title of this blog - as well, there is a lot of stuff to write about. 

What's that saying about one door closing and another opening? 

It's real.

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