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Observations and Questions #9 - Software Technical Features

So many learning management systems are about content presentation.

So very learning management systems are about interaction.

A successful learning management and on-line system will be about both content management and interaction.

What software or technical features should be present?

Teachers can interact with students.

Students can interact with teachers.
Students can interact with other students.

Teachers and parents and students can interact.

Teachers can interact with parents independently of students.

Selected community members who can promote community mentorships and community service have a voice, and can interact in designated places.

Students have an opportunity to build reflective learning portfolios which demonstrate learning and expertise.

In short, the successful learning management system is about interaction as much as it is about instruction.

Ideally, this is more than a one way system. It has the ability to create and give assessments and dynamic tests.

Ideally, it has the ability to differentiate between formative and summative assessments.

Ideally, it has the ability to engage students, parents, and community members in meaningful mentorships and community learning.

This is a tall order.

But if learning is to move on-line successfully, these features will be a part of the learning management system in such an articulated and straight forward way that learning becomes an extension of the home - something done every day.

An essential question to ponder - What will it mean to be educated in the future?

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