Measuring What Matters

Measuring What Matters -

Chapter 8. Measuring What Matters in a Way That Matters

"An exhibition is a chance for every parent to see his or her child perform, a chance to be proud. It is also a chance for them to question their child about school and not have him say, "It's fine," and then walk away and go to his room."  Dennis Littky & Samantha Grabelle from  The Big Picture

It's always interesting to examine the background and the benefits of an exhibition.

Dennis Littky outlines so clearly the benefits of this kind of learning in his book The Big Picture. I like this book because it has such a clear focus on the intended outcomes of learning rather than all of the small steps which create an education.  We sometimes get too hung up in process.

This quotation really says something about the relationship between parents and students as the student begins the process of individuation.

"Yes parents need to be involved in education of the children. Yes they need to be involved in school. What is the child responsibility is that everyone wants their child to assume some real responsibility for his/her own learning. This endeavor shows up for when the child is mature enough to demonstrate that learning and then return to his or her own emerging world."

As educators we need to create the opportunities for students to engage with content with each other in the process of learning. Then we should ask them to demonstrate the results.  

And then, maybe we should leave well enough alone - at least for a bit.

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