Maybe? Just maybe?

So, I get these ideas and usually ship them off to the appropriate people.  Having been around technoloyg in one way or another for many years, I've seen the changes since the first Apple IIe.  Lots of changes. 


Here is a letter I wrote to Apple in December of 2011.


From: Roger Fuller
Subject: Re: Mac Developer Program General Questions
Date: December 2, 2011 at 7:13 AM

Here are two ideas you are free to use as you see fit
1. The iBook app should have feature sets to store and quote highlighted passages. These could be then easily used in documentation in
other papers and essays. This "copy and document" feature is invaluable for students learning scholarly or research writing.

2 Apple will need a new paradigm hardware software app. Why not make the next iPhone powerful enough that it docks with either the
monitor or the keyboard and essentially becomes the CPU? This could be a powerful hardware integration and a whole new market,especially with the combined integration of Siri?

Roger Fuller



So I was somehow delighted when I found this article on the Internet a few months ago.




The full article on the recent patent application can be found here -


Apple Patents iPhone and Computer



The article discloses -


Apple has been granted a patent for the “Electronic Accessory Device” that would drop an iPhone into the keyboard of a MacBook-style dock, so that the iPhone screen becomes the trackpad, or in another version the iPad becomes the MacBook-style dock’s screen — unlike a real MacBook, would still be a touchscreen.


I'm sure that this idea has been around for a while. I couldn't have been the only person to write to Apple with that suggestion.  For me the benefit is that it makes laptop (and maybe desktop) computing so much more available at so much more a reasonable price. Imagine the impact on eduation.


Maybe, just maybe.


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