Climate Change II?

2018-06-06 -

Climate change 2? -

Life Cycle of Tick bug with its common hosts and
human with Lyme
Disease which is prevalent in countries like Canada, UK, Russia, Austria,
USA and more. Editable EPS10 vector and jpg illustration. Illustration So, that awesomely ugly oriental bittersweet is my evidence that that there has been a change in climate.

But it’s not the only evidence.

As a child on this property, I often walked on the lawn barefooted.  Who wore shoes in summer?  And even barefoot through the woods.  Why not?  Summer was a time to avoid the confines of school, and shoes.

And now?  I would no more walk outside barefoot than I would walk barefoot on a bed of coals.

Ticks abound.  And in the tall grass, ticks dominate.  After a morning cutting wood with the chain saw, the first activity on coming in is to shower and check for ticks.

And ticks are nasty nasty creatures - spawned from the recesses of Pandora’s box as a plague on humans.  They carry diseases; we all know about Lyme disease.

I have this sneaking apprehension that Armageddon will not be by violent means, but by the blood born diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes - insect beasts whose range has increased because of a change in climate.

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