What is a Capstone Project - I am a big believer in the value of a Capstone Project as a requirement for graduation from high school. It might be useful to read this blog entry and then the next blog entry, "What is NOT a Capstone Project." A Capstone Project gives a student the opportunity to become a "practicing professional" in a field of his/her choice. In many ways, the Capstone Project is the culmination of a series of activities and events and learnings. Often the Capstone Project culminates in a presentation before parents, teachers, community members and other students. In so many ways, the Capstone Project gives the student an opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of interest, and to own the quality and nature of the learning related to that topic. A Capstone Project gives that student a chance to create interdisciplinary links to established standards. In Maine, the best Capstone Stone project meets the requirements of the Learning Standards, and often in an interdisciplinary way. Perhaps the greatest beauty of a Capstone Project is the independent nature of a project - that a student determines the relevance of an endeavor. That student involves another adult and involves the community in a piece of significant learning. The beauty of a Capstone Project is also that it can be used to instruct or inform others - the Capstone Project itself becomes a teaching tool.

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