Capstone II

Capstone II - What a Capstone Project is NOT In the last post, I wrote about the definition of a Capstone Project. It's important to think of a Capstone Project as a culmination event, the point when a student gets to tie together all kinds of learning from several different domains. It's also important to think about what a Capstone Project is not. 1. A Capstone Project is not a Senior Project. The Capstone Project represents a series of learnings gathered over a long time. It is not something added to the senior year along, like a separate course. 2. A Capstone Project is not new extra work. The Capstone Project should be planned in advance. It is not extra work already added to a busy senior year. 3. A Capstone Project is not an extra assignment in any one course. A Capstone Project represents the culmination of many types of learning gathered over a long period of time. 4. A Capstone Project is not a subject test. Subject tests cover one discipline and a defined context of material. A Capstone Project seeks to combine disciplines in a community of learners. 5. A Capstone Project is not a presentation in front of just teachers. A Capstone Project creates its own learning, and as such it should be shared - with parents, students, teachers, and the rest of the community.

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