A Milestone

[Bilde:100619_152736_0.png]A Milestone - Anyone who knows me also knows that I spend quite a bit of time on my stationery bike. It's usually the place where I do reading and dictation, often dictating these blog posts there initially for later revision and publication. The stationery bike has been a part of my life and my routine for quite a number of years, and I've taken to writing down and keeping track of the miles. I just was able to retrieve the mileage logs from before our return to Maine and do the totals. If the numbers are correct, we can celebrate. The numbers look like I have now ridden the stationery bike the equivalent of two times around the equator - that's 49990 miles as of January 1, 2015. Imagine that I have biked all that distance and actually been nowhere. I guess that's why they call it spinning.
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