A Maine Wedding

A blog should be about more than just school, and so this is a good place to start that process.  School and work life are important, yet we all know that they are not the only things in living.

My son was married this summer to a wonderful girl who we all adore.  He has always wanted a destination wedding - as well, that's the thing younger people do today.  While he did not get to have a destination wedding to a far away resort; they surely had a destination wedding at a romantic Maine getaway that could not have been duplicated had he had the benefit of an expensive wedding planner.

They rented a house in the Wiscasset area of Maine - which is somehow not quite the truth. They rented a house and all its colonial amenities on a peninsula near Wiscasset - as if one were to travel to Wiscasset, take a left, go down a road, take a right, go down another road, taken another left and then go down yet another dirt road until the road opened on a gorgeous vista of traditional Maine coastline.

They had established the parameters of the wedding as  casual wedding, and formal attire was banned.  My son himself cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding was held the next day in an open field overlooking the ocean on a day made especially for weddings - a crystal clear blue sky and a glorious view of the bays and inlets.  The wedding dinner menu was lobster, chicken, corn, and salad, and everyone there had a great time.

They spent the week at the house they rented and invited friends and family to stay close by.  The wedding was more like a week's fun and frivolity as they had such a good time every single day, whether staying at the house or exploring the bays and inlets via keyak.  

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