A Bit of a Rant

[Bilde:100619_152725_0.png]A Bit of a Rant - Recently, my favorite keyboard, a Duo Comfort by Logitech that was connected to my Macintosh, bit the dust. I think I probably over keyed the keys, just wore it out. Logitech makes - well, used to make - the very best keyboards in the world. The advantage to this keyboard was its "wave" shape and its contour. It just worked so well. It was comfortable, efficient, and had multiple special function keys which could be so easily configured in the system preferences panel. I purched what was billed as replacement, only to find that it no longer can be matched to the Macintosh as it, the K350 is designed as a Windows keyboard. Special function keys are not programmable, and the keyboard is not configurable. The available "unifying" software is anything but unifying and I have written to Logitech and opened a case on three occassions. It turns out that Logitech makes only one Macintosh specific keyboard, and that is the solar powered K750, and even it does not allow for the reassignment of keyboard keys to special functions. Ah, there are lots of times that I like to enlarge the screen for a easier reading. First, I don't understand why Apple doesn't or can't make an ergonomic wave keyboard. Second, I don't understand why Logitech is unable to use its programming expertise to allow for key mapping on the K350 through what it claims is unifying software. Something must be afoot. It seems impossible to find an ergonimic keyboard which will work successfully with a Macintosh, made by Apple, the world's largest, most wealthy, and single most rich computer technology company in the world. Why doesn't this make sense to me?
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