Update - January 8, 2018

2018-01-08 -

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- Weekly update - For this week, the update is being sent on a Monday, only because the weekend was so very busy.  

Every week that we are in regular session, I will work to produce an update for the week with a review of the past week and a reflective look at the issues being developed in the State House.

Issues in the House this week -
Most of last week was devoted to formalities and openings.  The real work of the legislature will begin next week.

Nonetheless, it seems as if the Medicare expansion referendum will be a hot topic this session.  It has been passed by referendum, and it is really up to the leadership of the state to see the this is implemented.  Prepare for several commentaries on this important bill.

The winter cold, the bitter winter cold, has left me wondering where we are as localities, towns, and cities in the business of emergency preparation.  I will be following up with local and state wide agencies over the next several weeks and months - if only to double check what services are available and how those services are accessed.  

House Calendars
You can read about the events of the house by clicking on this link.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


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This is really a great resource as you can see all the testimony presented on any given bill.

As a part of this website - I do work to keep the website here up-to-date, especially during session.  The website does contain a "News and Resources" section so that you can check all the national news from within this site.


While I will post materials to Facebook, this website will always represent the more in-depth and reflective analysis and commentary regarding what is happening in District 59 and the Maine Legislature.  The two systems are linked so you can go to either.  I like to say, Facebook is for the "here and now" and MaineDistrict 59 is for what it means.

As always feel free to contact me with qustions or obsesrvations.

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