Dressing for the Nines

100619_142457_0.pngAh, Dressing for the "Nines" -

During the last two weeks in Maine we had snow storms and some bitterly cold temperatures.  We are expecting another foot of snow on Sunday evening through Monday evening.  Going out to clear the driveway has become a regular thing, and so has dressing for these occasions.

We replaced the expression "Dressing to the Nines" with "Dressing for the Nines," whether that is nine above zero or nine below zero - Fahrenheit.  When it gets that cold, numbers don't really matter so much ; it's just plain cold.

Here's a quick list of what it means to dress for the nines.

Boots - LL Bean's of course
Socks - three pair as two just don't work so well
Pants - usually two pair - an inner pair of pants in flannel, a pair of flannel pajamas works, and a pair of double lined wind pants
Shirts - a T-shirt, a hoodie, a fleece zip up - the fleece zip-up keeps the hoodie secure
Coat - a long coat, knee length if possible, with a hood attachment
Gloves - at least two pair, and inner cotton and an outer work glove
Hat - a pull over hat, locked in place by the double layer of hoodies.

And of course, getting ready to go out is an adventure.  It takes 20-30 minutes to don all the apparel, and all those layers render one almost "overstuffed," and it's hard to be mobile.  It's like being a little kid with a snow suit that doesn't quite fit.  By the time dressing is done, it's almost time for nap.

Then out into the -9 temperatures to use the snow blower or shovel the snow, often about an hour or until fingers freeze.  Once back inside, undressing is the same adventure in reverse.  Then, it's time for a nap.

Ayuh, it's cold out there.

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