Dog Days of Summer

dogdaysofsummer.pngIt's that hot, muggy, sluggish, and irritating time of summer in Maine when we almost wish for a frost to clear the air and make the world fresh and clean.


To escape from the oppressive heat and humidity last weekend, I retreated to the cellar TV room and one of my favorite movies, Matrix, which I have only seen about a hundred times.


And then something dawned on me.  I wonder if our governor, Governor LePage, is stuck in his "residual self-image" of being a teenager in Lewiston, a time when a poor kid from Lewiston had to struggle to make it in this world.


His remarks last week and again last weekend only reinforce this perception - that he views all the world in street gang scuffles and fist combat.  His remarks to another elected law maker were just plan not acceptable, and the racially charged and threatening language point to a person who is not in control of his thoughts or emotions. 


And then the following weekend the languages used to indicate that blacks and Hispanics are "the enemy" only reinforces the idea that Governor LePage is expressing some deeply seated prejudices.


I think we like to pride ourselves on a "civil" society.  His comments are not civil comments. 


When our governor uses foul language to address a lawmaker, wishes for a duel with that lawmaker, and then calls other ethnic minorities the "enemy," we in that civil society have a problem.  Actually, we have two problems. 


The second problem is how to return to the notion of a civil society.


The first problem is what do about the governor - and before he barks again.



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