2017-06-16 Do your job!

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Maine Legislature
House Democratic Office

For Immediate Release
June 16, 2017

House Majority Leader Herbig to House Republicans and Governor LePage:
“You don’t have to like it, but you’ve got to do your job”
AUGUSTA | In a video message posted on the Maine House Democrats Facebook page Friday, House Majority Leader Erin Herbig again called on House Republicans, Minority Leader Ken Fredette and Governor LePage to come to the negotiating table to pass a state budget and avoid a devastating state shutdown.
“Every Mainer, every community will feel a state shutdown. So what I have to say right now to Ken Fredette and Governor LePage is please come to the table to work with us, to come to a reasonable compromise so we can keep this state up and running,” said Rep. Herbig, D-Belfast. “It is the single most important thing that we are all elected to do and it’s the responsibility we took when we ran for office.”
You can view the full video here.
While Senate Republicans and House and Senate Democrats have continued to find consensus in the hopes of passing a balanced budget, House Republicans led by Minority Leader Ken Fredette of Newport and Governor LePage have yet to seriously participate in negotiations. Until the House Republican caucus decides to negotiate in good faith, Committee of Conference work has stalled.
The legislature has until June 30 to pass a budget. However, given Governor LePage’s history of waiting the full 10 days to veto a budget, additional time is necessary in order to continue the operations of government.  
Lindsay Crete | Communications Director
Maine State House Majority Office
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Augusta, Maine 04333-0002
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