Days Three to FIve

Days Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIveDays Three to FIve

100619_142451_0.png2013-12-28 Day 3

Today was the plain plains day. We left the Hilton Homelands in Albuquerque, NM, and then traveled literally horizontally and laterally for what happens to be three states, including the rest of New Mexico, then Texas, then Oklahoma, and those states are huge! And, they are very flat.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things we saw was the huge 30 mile long wind mill farm in Texas, but the day was so cold and dusty and windy that we could not really snap pictures.

Lexi and I have developed a routine - one of us stays awake with Jason, then the other can nap. I've completely repacked and remodeled the back seat three times, and read one book on the great trek east.

In the middle of the plains, I caught myself thinking of Willa Cather.  What must life have been like for her there?  Or, what must have life been like for the settlers?  The huge bluffs we passed reminded me of Cather's novel about the Native American's and the priest - entitled "Death Comes for the Archbishop."  (Wikipedia resource - Death Comes for the Archbishop)

I've been here before, but there was a kind of solidarity behind the bluff this time - that they have been here millions and millions of years and that generation have been just the tenants of them.  

The plains are plain, and for the modern travel

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