Day One - Road Trip

100619_142424_0.png2013-12-27 - Day One

My son, my grand daughter and I headed off bright and early this morning for a three generational road trip," paced with food stuffs, snacks, clothes, and of course a suitcase of six hard drives - as there was no way I would trust the hard drives to any other method of shipping.

My son, Jason, insisted on driving, and I settled into the back seat to enjoy books and road naps as we headed for our first destination - Las Vegas. Though we had mapped a route across the country and though Gina had found us a set of "trip ticks" from AAA, we resolved to take things as they come and plan each day separately. We knew that a "southern" route might be best to avoid hard weather, and so, off to Los Vegas.

Las Vegas was a bust. We arrived there about lunch time, toured one Casino, and headed back on the road. Though my son drooled at the blackjack tables, my grand daughter, Alexis, was not at all interested in the glam of Vegas. As I had been insistent on a ride through Zion, we headed up to see the Hoover Dam.

The nicest thing about the trip to Hoover Dam was watching my son's reactions to the west coast, and to Hoover Dam. Things are just larger here and this is an engineering and architectural marvel. It is hard to say if he was more excited by the dam or by the new bridge, also a marvel.

After the Hoover dam and the obligatory pictures to the abyss below, we headed to Zion, knowing we would not make it today, but would stay outside the park for the night. The road there slices directly through the mountains, and it literally goes through the mountains, with cliffs on either side of the car. Jason had never seen such things and I was worried that his rubber-necking would get us all killed.

"It's the size, everyone feels so small," he said. "It's just amazing, you know what I mean?"

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