Dark Comedy of Errors

100619_142422_0.pngDark Comedy of Errors -

Sometimes this blog must be about things other than education.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of this blog is that I get to sometimes record events which may seem inconsequential. Perhaps they give readers a laugh.

So after the last snow storm, I was using the snow blower to clear a path around the house. I did not know, nor could I see, that one of my children left the dog leash in the snowblower’s path. Snowblowers by their nature are a one function device, and they don't get along with the dog leashes or anything other than snow.

The snow blower ate the dog leash and was beginning to munch the back steps when it stopped completely, but still gnawing away at whatever it could find.  

Imagine if you will a poorly sighted man doing battle with the snowblower, the dog leash, the back steps -  all in the dark. Not too heroic. Needless to say I had to tip the snowblower on its back,  extract the dog leash, and turn the snow blower right side up in order to complete my task at hand. I'm glad the dog was not attached to the leash.  That would have created another challenge.

And of course I managed to drop the snowblower right on my foot. It didn't hurt that night but by the next day my only real means of transportation had been taken away.

And all of this after having already “broiled” and not “baked” a bread pudding earlier that day.  Sunday was not a productive day.

OIY! To have this happen would have been enough, But enough is never enough really.  My family jokes, as they should, that the best way to punish a blind man is to move the furniture.

So last night while fetching a glass of water for my wife, my aching foot found the newly moved trunk which was being used to help the aging visiting dog climb on the bed. Please imagine a stumbling poorly sighted and wounded man walking head on into a trunk.

Despite my comments which may have been derived from something heard on the Hillbilly Weatherman, we managed to get the family and the dog back to sleep on the longest night of the year. And to think this lovely dog is trained as a companion dog makes the irony and the pain even more poignant.

Today I slept in a bit.

In the grand scheme of things, not a great adventure.  In the short duration of the day…well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Today is a bit longer than yesteray - a whopping 30 seconds.  Progress comes in small, sometimes painful, steps.

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