2013-02-1 on Course Requirements

Friday, February 1, 2013

After a hiatus of a two months, it is great to get back to the blog.  That time away from the blog allows me to return with more vigor and with some additional insights and some new practices.   

A bit of recollection is helpful as it was just two months ago that we were finishing off the work on the Program of Studies and publishing it on Issuu.  There is much to say about the process of publishing this piece of work - there were several people and several students involved in the process and it took about a month of solid work.  It was available to the school community on December 5, a full month ahead of its usual publication.

Now, on Febrary 1, 2013, all students at school should have submitted their preliminary scheduling requests for next year.  Just writing that speaks to a miracle.  In the past, and thought I do not want to date myself, I can remember at Milken when these requests were done in April, and then the final schedule was ready for students in July or August. Now, we have a schedule ready by "Step Up Day" during the first week of June, and all students get to have a taste of next year's schedule before they leave for summer vacation. Moving to a step up day took years to prepare as there are so many moving parts in the machinery.

Step Up Day is the end product of good scheduling practice.  It means that we have sheduled all the studetns into their most desired classes; it means that we have had planning conferences with every child, it means that we have notified every parent about the courses being taken.  Durig Step Up Day, we often host a barbecue and there is a celebratory atmosphere on campus. There should be - the school has worked hard to prepare for the next full academic year.

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