2013-02-23 on Communications

Communication and Communications Systems

We have been at the task of revising our communications systems for about four months now.  We began in earnest in August, however, it did take a bit of time to implement a series of changes.  

What we have now is a rather very powerful system of communications and notifications for the parent community.  This involves the Milken Messenger, Flash News, the Upper School Principal Blog and the Middle School Principal Blog.

The Milken Messenger is the workhorse of the system.  There is in fact a whole staff of people who work to make this happen. Ms. Jane St. Clair writes and revises many of the articles, and there is a a scheduled system of submissions.  Once the articles, which we try to keep brief, are written and edited by Ms. St. Clair, then Ms. Dollins and I do the layout in the FirstClass documents of the system. Then Ms. Kimberly Goldstein does the proofing.  In addition to the writing, we have a whole system of picture taking and picture sharing, largely set up via the FirstClass conference entitled "The Picture Drop."  Lots and lots of pictures are taken by Ms. Elda Dagan and Mr. Tony Lawrence and they form much of the backbone for picture display.

All these materials are combined for each article and for each publication - and we make every attempt to publish on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

Additionally, Ms. Limor Dankner and I maintain our own "principal's blog," which creates a chance for us to reflect on the events and themes of the school and what happens in school. Most people want the news on the news pages, and hence The Milken Messenger; some people want the more reflective articles and hence The Principal's Blog.

Finally, we use the "Flash News" for the work of distributing important last minute and occasional information. If readers see a Flash News in their email, is is most definitely worth reading. We reserve Flash News for the most important but spontaneous information.  "IF" we ever had a snow day at Milken, we would first announce it in Flash News.

Beginning this month we have now placed all these links on the main page of our web site.  You can easily go to www.milkenschool.org and check the "Parents" section to read all of these links and all of these articles.  We do keep statistics on our readership and that gives us feedback about the number of people who are opening and reading the links.

It has taken a bit of time to set all this up; however, it represents a much more comprehensive and user friendly system for getting different types of news to different types of parents.

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