Change of Address

[Bilde:100619_142408_0.png]Dear readers, The purpose of this blog was always to give a critical yet creative lens toward contemporary issues and education. In reality, this blog began as a compendium of notes and journal entries written down over the last seven years. It also began as a transitional endeavor as I moved from Los Angeles to Maine. Now firmly set in Maine with new directions and a new beginning, it is time to change and alter the site name for this blog. The new address for this blog will be - It is also time to alter and update my own email address. Thanks to the work of friends the new address for this blog will be "the new," and my own email address will change to - While this email address in this location will continue to work for some time, I anticipate that the previous address will be removed within three or four months. The use of the domain name is ever so much more useful, and ever so much more fitting. Additionally, again with the help of others, I have updated the blog and web software for the site. The installation of FirstMagic 2.0 gives me so many more options and opportunities to present information. It will take a bit of learning as Runar has developed a winning piece of software which integrates so well into FirstClass. The expression in the blog footer - "Built in FirstClass with FirstMagic - easy, dependable - always" is more true than ever!
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