2012-10-21 on First Magic

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogging - Reflections on Sites and Domains

So, why this blog thing?  What is the purpose and why this format?  What's the purpose?

At Milken we live in the very active world of ideas - and one idea begets another and then another, and well, pretty soon it's hard to tell one from the other. That's the nature of our school and what it is that we do best.

That same thing happens in software.  We can use many different types of software for many different types of activities and being the innovative and adoptive creatures that we are at Milken, it is easy to let this kind of software proliferation get out of control.  It is rather important to me that we begin to see the same kind of domain names in our web addresses and of late I have noticed that the easy proliferation of web creation and blog creation software has meant that our links look a bit like a rummage sale - it is hard to tell sometimes if the browswer is pointed to a real Milken site, a surrogate Milken site, or a site someplace half-way around the world.

A real reason that I made the deliberate decision to use this software and implement the communications system we are now evolving concerned the naming and location of blogs and web addresses.  I've always had lots to say, and lots to write; however, the idea of opening a blog site with a differnt domain name frankly made me a little crazy. At last, I can have a blog now with a Milken domain name and with the FirstClass sofware we find so easy to use and so effective in its simplicity.

We will be working to "rationalize" and "streamline" much of what we do over the next few months to be sure that we are communicating effectively and coherently with the many audiences we have in our community.

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