2012-10-08 on Learning New Things

Learning about new things

It's always about learning, whether directly tied to the classroom, or in preparation for the classroom.  Learning this new software FirstMagic has been both a demanding and also a rewarding task.  What most impresses me is the degree to which another person figured out and planned for an integrated and unified interface for publishing to the web.

There is an ease of production always associated with FirstClass, and most web pages are simply documents placed in the best container for web publication.  In FirstMagic however, Runar Thorvaldsen, located in Norway, has figured out a way so that web pages can render in the best way possible - while preparing them involves little more than typing an email.  It's actually very impressive, though the learning curve has been steep.  Even though it's involved a few weekends of study and application, publishing to the web here is so much easier than in other programs.

Every interaction with a new program is a learning - even if it is only learning to add a picture from Maine taken this summer.  

Of course, this is just a picture of a back road in Maine, but do notice the green and the height of the trees!  Mr. Rios always delights in these pictures.

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