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It's been a while since I have written a blog, and I full well know the importance of consistency.  

But I also know the importance of taking a break, of seeing things through a different lens.

The month of July has been largely spent in the more physical side of life - spent by cutting and lugging brush in Maine and at my house in NH, by scrapping and painting houses in NH, and by redoing apartments and stair cases.

It's also been a concerted contest with newly sore muscles and stiff old spines.  Yet, I"m able to do the work, though maybe a bit more slowly than previously.  And I do count myself lucky to be able to do that work.  Sometimes it's just good to pound a nail.

100619_142346_1.pngAnd of course, there has been the garden this year.  I tried something a bit different - ironically by doing some Internet research.    Instead of "rows,' I planted most of the garden in concentric circles formed with a stake in the center, pole beans around the stake, tomotoes around the pole beans, and then squash around the tomatoes. The result has been pleasing, and efficient as the plants all grow "up" the pole.  I "augmented" the center pole by planting sunflowers in the very center, so the plants can use both the pole and the sun flower as support.

Whether it works or not is yet to be tested and picked, but it certainly is pleasing to look at with the tall sunflowers. and all the other vegetables around it.  

And of course, we face the perpetual conflict with the gopher who devoured all the cauliflower early on in the season.  

So, July has not seen a great deal about blogging regarding education - and that's OK. There is brush to lug, weeds to pull, houses to paint, and all is good.

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