Assessment -

100619_142344_0.pngSo, it's spring time, or almost.

That means sprouting plants, flowers, and plans for gardens.

It also means testing and assessment time in schools.  The state of Maine is set to begin another round of annual testing to determine what students have learned for this year. The will spend a total of some seven hours spread over a week in the assessment process.

It's thrilling to think that this assessment protocol this year has been reduced to a week of interrupted classes and schedules.

But I will always question whether the assessment process really tells anyone what the student knows or is able to do, or if the assessment process tells us what the student was able to answer on a particular day.  

How much more information could be gained about what a student knows and is able to do could be gained by examining actual products and projects?  How much more would be know by a critical and informed look at actual work?

Tests will always have a place - and good leadership will examine the extent to which a test overshadows good work.

The New Classroom finds a common sense relationship between set of tests and a history of work.

This also says something about the nature of the transcript in The New Classroom.  That transcript should be rich in examples and analysis of work - not just a page of notes and scores.

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