Asking Questions

[Bilde:100619_142338_0.png]Asking Questions I'm just not a very political person, and maybe naively assume that all politicians engage in the field from a genuine desire to the do the right thing for the constituencies they serve. In my heart, I hope all leaders recognize that a democracy rests on the educative attainments of its population, and that good discussion, debate, and compromise form the basis for a pluralistic and democratic society. At least that is my hope. It was disconcerting then to read the following headline published recently, "CONFIRMED: Maine Gov. LePage Met With Terrorist Group That Wants to Hang Democratic Leaders and Predicts Jews Will Commit Christian Holocaust." Of course, this inflammatory headline was meant to garner interest, and I'm sure it did for some voters in Maine. The confirmation of the headline was articulated by MPBN, the public broadcasting system in the state of Maine, not known itself for inflammatory statements. Cooper goes on the assert the following information confirmed by MPBN. "McCarthy, whose Sovereign Citizen ties include the Constitutional Coalition, says that he was at the State House to discuss the group’s concerns with the governor. Among those topics, McCarthy says, was their belief that Democratic Maine Senate President Justin Alfond and House Speaker Mark Eves should both be tried for treason." (" This is somewhat disconcerting but my reasons for concern may be different than other people's concerns. I would ask questions, and hope for some answers. What was the intention behind the meetings which spanned a 10 month period? Did the Governor fully understand the implication of series of meetings with such a radical group? Was this an appropriate use of the Governor's time? Could that time have been spent more productively on issues relating to the education of Maine's children? Aside from the politically inflammatory nature of the issues inherent in these meetings, I must ask if we have lost our way in what the role of state government should be?
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