As Ye Sow

asyesow.jpgSo, reflecting just a bit on a Saturday moring before going out to "meet and greet," I find there is lots to write about in the news of last week.


I like to think of myself as a bit of a gardener - with two small gardens here at home.  I prepare the gardens in the spring, seed with care, mulch quite well, and enjoy the fruits of my labors.  Even though it is early yet in the summer harvest season, I've managed to harvest lots of beans, zucchini squash, tomatoes, and even my first early potatoes.  Quite a treat those potatoes were.


Then unfortunately, I am forced to think about what seeds of hate have been sown by Mr. Trump, and yes, by our own governor.  The remarks in Portland on Thursday of last week are more than just a bit disturbing.


These remarks show a deep-seated prejudice.  They say, "If you are from away, we don't want you."


These remards represent a kind or ironic bigotry.  They say, "Members of my family can be immigrants, but we can't have any further immigrants."


These works reveal a kind of universal generalization.  They say, "All immigrants are bad, and because you belong to that group, you must be bad as well. You are bad people."  As a teacher for so many years, I always believed that you can't fault the group for the deeds of an individual.


These words reflect a dangerous precedent.  They say, "If you are bad, and we don't want you, the next step is to remove you."  In all my work in teaching Holocaust studies, the steps of "identification" and "exclusion" were the first steps toward "removal" and "extermination."  I pray that our politicians will never have the power to enact the legislation related to the intent of their initial words.


And lastly, these words set an example.  These people want to be our leaders.  What example are they setting?  What parent wants to hold these words up as examples of good leadership?  What impact do these words have on children, on adults?


Yesterday, I posted what I thought was an interesting video on Facebook.  Today, I'll post here the same lyrics, sung by a diffrent person, and with far more impact. 


Mr. Trump would do well to grow his own house garden; however, I don't think he is interested.



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