Maine at last

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100619_142331_0.pngArrival in Maine -

Well, Happy New Year!

We arrived in Lewiston, Maine, around 7PM on December 31, 2013.  Right on New Year's Eve, which was always Jason's plan - it is what it is.

It is what it is - and so is the "driving ticket" he earned for himself while traveling through Pennsylvania, a natural outcome for being anxious about what is inevitable - that travel by car takes time and patience.  He is one resilient driver though, I could never have driven that distance in that time in the best of days.

As we crossed into New Hampshire, we did our state line ritual of checking time, temperature and distance.  The temperature in New Hampshire as we crossed that border was 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Then we crossed the Maine border a half hour later and noticed the temperature had dropped to 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Then we arrived in Lewiston, central Maine, to note that the temperature had dropped to zero degrees.  That's cold, but when I went to the grocery store at 8:00 PM, I noticed native Mainers walking with coats unbuttoned and hands ungloved.

Today when I woke - I checked the Weather Channel and found this prescription for the day.


Today's high temperature will be only 19 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's still 13 degrees below freezing.   That means I return to my Maine schedule of working early, walking in the warmest part of the day and then napping later in the afternoon.  But wait, that's also my schedule for weekends in California, so maybe not much has changed after all.   But then again, everything has changed.

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