An Unpopular Reality

100619_142326_0.pngAn Unpopular Reality -

The news and media still reels with reports out of France - as it should be.   The wanton destruction of civilian life causes us all the take second looks at what it means to live in the 21'st century - in a world where terrorist acts seem almost easy and where the threat of continued attack looms ominous.

Practically no country in the western world is immune from these forms of terrorist aggression, and perhaps some countries are by nature too trusting of the good intentions of others, in what seems a romantic view of the noble human.  At the same time, we are confronted by less than noble human behavior - deceitful human murderous aggression without regard to any civilian population.  

The events in Europe and the Middle East, the civil war in Syria, the war against ISIS have all de-stabilized what we want as a peaceful world.  These events have affected many countries - Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and of course Syria.  These events have drawn in or impacted yet more countries - Greece, Turkey, Russia, Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, Russia, and the United States.  

And this has gone on for several years as we try to find a way to bring peace and stability to an area of the world that has not known peace and stability for generations.

As Americans we have been involved in this pursuit since 2001 as a result of the brutal and senseless attack on the World Trade Center.  That's 15 years - that's a long time.

The Pope alludes to a Third World War  - part of a piecemeal plan by terrorists.  (Pope Says Paris Terror..)  He may have hit the nail on the head, and while the President of France has called the recent actions "an act of war," we are hesitant to face the reality.  We are in a World War, whether we choose to label it as such or whether we continue in our present kind of universal denial.

As an educator, and not as a politician, I do see elements of history repeating itself with mass migrations, unending civil war, and random but well planned acts of extreme terrorism. These are not happy times.

Perhaps as an American by birth, but an Englishman and Frenchman by descent, and an Italian by marriage, and an Israeli by exposure, these attacks have different nuances for me - yet, they are unsettling to any civilized person.

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