An Interesting Project

100619_142313_0.pngAn Interesting Project -

It was especially interesting to read an article by Anna Simet in Biomass magazine about a recently completed project at the University of Maine at Farmington. (UMF Completes Project)

She explains the work on a biomass project at UMF that replaces several heating units with one biomass project, reducing UMF's oil dependency by 73%.  She writes, "The plant’s 500-horsepower, Messersmith Manufacturing biomass boiler is fired with locally-sourced wood chips and is expected to reduce the University of Maine system’s heating oil usage by nearly 73 percent, about 390,000 gallons annually. It replaced about 40 aged individual heating plants throughout the campus." (UMF Completes Project)

But even more importantly, she writes, "Besides heat, UMF is using the plant as a learning facility where students can actively engage in understanding biomass energy, associated systems and processes, and will be embedded in several courses as a mandatory learning facet of several curricula and fields of study. The university will open the plant control room to students and visitors to view the internal operations as well as several exterior viewing areas."  (UMF Completes Project)

This is more than just an efficient biomass heating plant. This is a way to educate and instruct Maine students on the value of renewable resources, setting up an example to be used in other parts of the state.  Maine is rich in its natural resources, and it is rich in its educational potentials.  This project combines two important areas - energy innovation and education so that the state as a whole benefits.  

By creating incentives for Maine students, UMF has also created an opportunity for learning and employment excellence.

This is a job well done.

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