Ah Winter

Ah WinterAh WinterAh WinterAh WinterAh WinterAh WinterAh WinterAh Winter

100619_142304_0.pngAh, winter -

Winter in Maine in 2015 has been an adventure. That's an understatement.  The numbers boggle the brain.  In two weeks we have had five feet of snow, and the media outlets are rife with proclamation after proclamation concerning the great dilemma of where to put the snow.  There's just no room left to shovel, plow, push, or blow the snow.  There are three orders of news coverage - first, the amounts of snowfall; second, the situation with roads and the challenges of parking; and third, roof collapse.   The nightly news is a collection of weather reports.

But the roof is there.   With five feet of snow on the ground, there are at least two feet left on the roof.  For those not familiar with snow - it sounds light and lovely - but two feet of white fluff on the roof can weigh lots, probably tons.

So, like any good resident of Maine, or the American Siberia as we sometimes call it, I headed out today to shovel the roof.  One doesn't literally shovel the roof.  We did however hunt through three "sold out" stores to find a roof rake, and it's not really a rake. But with rake in hand, I climbed up the ladder which was wedged into the ground snow in order to drag the snow off the roof to the ground below.  Once a ladder with a twenty foot pole attached to a "rake" used to pull two feet of snow down to the ground, I did discover the value of shoulder training.   

Only a fool would actually climb to the top of the roof - it's very easy to walk right off the edge as you really can't see the boundaries between roof and ground.  I suppose in the right locations the landing would be soft.

We have several roofs - porch, house, garage, kitchen, and they each have two sides.  And the snow doesn't come down in one pull - it comes down one snow block at a time, one reach and pull at a time; and it lands in a "floosh-kapoosh" at the base of the ladder.  When the process is complete, the snowblower tidies things up as we prepare for another storm this weekend.  There are times it's all picturesque.

The reward of a roof raking is a piece of guilt-free chocolate cake, as one shouldn't go "through the roof" while raking the roof.

Ah, there's no real way to prepare for this in the "new classroom."  It's just life.

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