elections_photo.jpgA Promise - Welcome, again to the website for my election campaign. It's a new world for me and I'm learning new things every day. At the same time, it's important to lay some ground work as I begin. I promise the voters of District 59, Lewiston, ME, that I will run a clean campaign.


That means not just financially, but ethically as well. The work you will see will be my own work, and the volunteers who help me organize and prepare are just that - volunteers.


As a candidate, I will run as a Democrat, believing in Democratic values. The work of my campaign will not involve outside or organized special interest groups in any way.


As a candidate, I believe it is my job, my responsibility, to listen to my constituents first and act on their behalf whenever possible.


As a candidate, I will make the needs of my constituency the first priority. As a candidate, I believe it is my duty, my obligation, to lead by serving.


As a candidate, I will provide opportunities for you to let me know what you think, both by meeting you personally and by providing chances for on-line opinion gathering and commentary.


Again, my primary job is to listen to what you have to say about your lives and your needs.