A Note from Querry Satiros

May 24, 2017

Dear Representative Fuller,

I've been busy with exams, but also trying to stay caught up with issues in Maine.

I've watched the pedestrian safety issues evolve and keep track of the proposed bill.  Please consider this as a different, but perhaps effective proposal.

What happens if -

Citizens just declare themselves as "pedestrians."  It could be a unique category.

Pedestrians know they take their chances when they walk on any street.

Pedestrians are given the chance to purchase huge insurance policies starting at $500.000.00, but with the provisions that 25% of the benefits go back to the city for sidewalk repair.

That way, if an insurance pedestrian is hit and killed, a huge payment goes to the family and part of a payment goes to the city for pedestrian safety.




Dear Querry,


Thank you for your letter, and I hope your exams are going well, and perhpas almost done.


Your proposal is definately unusual, and perhaps radical.


I'm concerned about pedestrian safety as I consdier myself a pedestrian - always.


As a pedestrian, I have taken to wearing red sweaters or jackets whenever I go out walking.  That might be a very good starting point for pedestrians to consider, though I agree pedestrians should not be the ones held responsible for poor drivers. But safety is first, and if a red sweater can help, so be it.


I am very proud though of the work being under taken here in the Lewiston-Auburn area to help protect pedestrians.  It's been a topic on everyone's mind of late, and the twin cities have undertaken a large project to work on this issue.  Please see below a quotation taken from our local paper, The Lewiston Sun-Journal, on June 9, 2017.


"Dozens of volunteers, wearing reflective vests in the hot sun, placed temporary traffic cones and painted new lines along Lincoln Street on Thursday, testing out a pedestrian and bicyclefriendly traffic pattern for the two-day Build Maine conference.


Cans of spraypaint, stencils and cones littered the sidewalks for a brief time as the crew designed the new look that's expected to remain for a few weeks, complete with two bicycle lanes protected on one side by on-street parking."




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