So, that history of Maine was really a pretty good book. I find myself going back to it often.  Because I read most things digitally, I'm able to keep notes through a wonderful application - Instapaper.  This allows me to read and send the notes which I later categorize for keeping. 


In the book History of Maine, by John C. Abbott, the author uses the last few chapters to describe various towns and environments for the 19'th century traveler.  Of the trip up the Androscoggin he writes,


The Valley of the Androscoggin next claims notice. From Brunswick to the mountains, the river is highly picturesque; and the towns that line its curving banks on the route of the Maine Central Railroad are pleasant haunts for summer days. The Falls at Lisbon are of striking attractiveness. The scenery around Auburn and Lewiston is romantic in the extreme. The busy industries of these cities, their tasteful private and public edifices, and the beauty of their environs, may well beguile the traveller hastening northward.


All too often we forget the "place" we live.  And we do live in a wonderful place.  Our modern world is wonderfully connected in all sorts of ways - Abbott lets us set aside so many contemporary connections and focus more deliberately on the physical location. 


To move into the future, we need to value our traditons.