A Vision for the Future

100619_142254_0.pngVision for the Future

Before looking at what the future might hold in store, I need to do a bit of reflection on the past few weeks.  I've taken a break from writing here, not because of vacation or from a lack of interest, but because the last few weeks have been so busy pursuing a primary election victory here in Lewiston, Maine.

So, after all the good work of a great group of volunteers, I get to say that I am the Democratic Party nominee for the District 59 seat in the Maine House of Representatives.

What that means, really, is another election process in November.  Expect a hiatus in blogging.

But none of that is really about today's post.

it is my habit to read articles at  night, sending them to my email for later reading the next day.  Of course education is primary, but any article that sparks my interest gets forwarded for later consideration.

And I discovered last week the following website and article on Flipboard.

This is well worth a further look.  The organization is funded by a consortium of higher education and technology providers and seeks to do important research on how technology can influence education in the United Kingdom.

The organization is about innovation in the United Kingdom.  As a think-tank operation, Jisc represents a kind of forward approach to higher education that sometimes seems lacking here in the United States.

Look for more information about what looks like a very exciting endeavor.

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