2017-07-02 - Shutdown?



Always, working as a state legislator is full of learning - full of challenges.

At this point, the state of Maine has shutdown. That’s pretty amazing - given all things considered. It’s amazing.


It is amazing that I sat as a representative on June 30 and watched and listened as a minority of representatives voted to shut down the state government by not voting support of the budget which had the support of over half the House and the entire Senate.


It was then even more amazing to watch and listen as the leader of the House Republicans claimed to be able to present a new budget - at 12:05 PM - on June 30, after the shutdown had actually occurred. When asked to produce the document for the budget that he had proposed, the document was not available.


This is July 2, and that document is not ready, not really ready yet. Everyone wants to keep the shutdown to a minimum; however, as I listen now to the Committee of Conference on the web, and realize that the difference between the two budget proposals is less than one half of one percent, then I begin to wonder about the motivation of those who started this process and in fact caused a shutdown.


At some point, the tyranny of the minority must end.

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