Dear Mr. Fuller

How unusual. I've been following some of the news and work being done in Maine in the last days of the session.


Some of it is just boring.

Some of it is rather provocative.


Until I read the news, and then did a bit of study, I must tell you that I had not heard of "female genital mutilation." Is that a problem in Maine?

And then I read that you supported this? Is that possible?




Dear Querry,


Thanks for the note and yes, this is a bizarre piece of legislation.

No one would support this practice. The practice is already illegal under Maine statute. In fact, it is already a Class A crime. The bill under discussion actually decreases the level of the crime.


You know Querry, there is no specific law regarding stabbing someone in the head - it's not necessary as any sensible person would recognize that action as assault.

Our good friends on the Republican side of the house have in fact proposed legislation which calls attention to the practice - even if there is not a single reported case - ever -- in the state of Maine. And some would say it is an anti-immigrant bill - as the punishment could include expulsion.


And Querry, it was hurtful to me to see that a former student of mine who is also a legislator has accused me of supporting female genital mutilation. How sad.

But Querry, this situation is even more sad because our Republican friends use bills like this to call negative attention toward the Democrats. It's almost what I like to call a "backwards compliment," rather like hearing someone say, "It's so good to hear you have given up beating your wife."



Representative Roger Fuller