2017-06-18 Update

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Well, here we are in the last few days of the legislative session.  We are at the junction point of the budget's acceptance or a shut down of state services.  The threat of a shut down with all of its attendance and rippling consequences is nothing that either side - Democratic or Repulbican - want to see.  On the other hand, it feels as if the Republican side will engage in a shut down, regardless son the consequences on local people, if their wishes and demands are not met in the budget negotiations.  

The Bangor Daily News captures the problem succinctly and insightfully.  Check this link - Bangor Daily News.

The editor writes, 'Maine has the financial capacity to fund both K-12 education and programs that ensure students and adults are fed and safe from disease outbreaks and that insurance and treatment are accessible to those who need it."  We can make this happen by compromise.

The editor continues:

Then, as he has done in prior years, the governor has walked away from budget negotiations. He has also made it difficult for lawmakers to get information from department heads. Lawmakers need this information to make informed decisions about what programs need more money and which ones they can eliminate or scale back.

To accomplish this, they must compromise. The alternative, which continued obstruction from House Minority Leader Ken Fredette will lead to, is a government shutdown. This would benefit no one and would hurt real Maine people

What all of this amounts to is a political theory based on stubborn iintransigence. It's as if a critical part of the caucuss system - the House Repulbicans  who are critical to a budget - simply prefer to say "No" to any sense of compromise.

We all know that compromise in the political arena is necessary.  It's just how it works, but to remain steadfast in the negative means that no negotiations can happen, that every stops.  

Compromise is essential if we are to pass a budget before June 30 at which time state services shut down.  "Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out." Paul Kagame.


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