2017-06-10 Update

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We have now moved into five day weeks in the House.  Beginning next week, we will move to "double sessions."  You are always welcome to check on the progress of legislation by viewing the calendars below. 


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First, it's important to let everyone know that technical details kept me from my usual posting, and I'm glad we are all back up and running.  Keeping a weekly update of some kind has been a habit for well nigh twenty years, so it's a pretty engrained habit.

One of the Governor's vetoes rather deserves some commentary.  We all know that "nip" bottles litter our highways. The reason for this is that there is no deposit or return policy on nip bottles.   Both the House and the Senate passed a bill to establish a deposit on nip bottles - exactly as we have deposit and returns on other bottles.

However, the Governor has vetoed this bill.  And he has promised to remove the sale of nip bottles entirely from the state if the House and Senate override the veto.  Now, in and by itself, this may not mean much, but it will mean several jobs in Maine.

Somehow this just seems vengeful politics.   Instead of cleaning up nip bottles and clearing them from our streets, political concerns far outweigh any environmental concerns.  Instead, we will be content to allow people to buy nip bottles, consume them as they will and then leave them littering the streets for upwards of 400 years.  Plastic doesn't rot.  Rather than clean the environment, we seem content to pollute it. 

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