2017-05-07 Update


Legislative Update
Introduction - We have surely entered the “third term” of the legislative session, and committee reports a coming the House floor much more rapidly.  Legislation falls “under the hammer” when appropriate, or a roll call vote is called for legislation needing direct attention.

Bottom line - it may be time to plant the garden, but we are reaping the harvest of early work done in the legislature.

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This week in the Education Committee

Two particular “issues” will be facing the Education Committee shortly.  

One issue concerns the availability of guns on campus or in cars.  Both are separate bills, but they do mean that the proposed legislative actions allow individuals to either carry guns in the car as they pick their children up from school; or, in the second case, allow individuals to carry guns on the state college campus systems.  

Both issues have attracted a great deal of attention - or at least a great number of emails.  I do like hearing from constituents and residents in Maine; however, copied form letters leave a bit to be desired.

The second issue really concerns a statewide teacher contract.  The proposal indicates that the Department of Education will negotiate with a state wide agency representing teacher - most likely the MEA which is the largest teacher union in Maine.  The results of that contract negation will become the default contract for all teachers.

Local districts will retain the ability to increase their teacher contract payment system based on their own decisions.

Again, this has attracted a great number of emails.  Lots an lots.  


As the legislature gets busier and busier, the time for reflection decreases - which really means the reflection on proposed legislation happens all the time.  It is a 24-7 position.

More and more however, I begin to see the opposing sides of almost any argument or contention as an expression of control issues.   Some people want the state to be in control, while others want the individual to be in control.  

Clearly, gun carry is an issue of individual control, while state wide teacher contracts are an issue of state control.

As always, feel free to write to me and let me know your thoughts.

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