2017-04-21 Update


Legislative Update

As we celebrate Earth Day today, it’s important to remember always that we are only tenants here - though we like to think we are more.  And, we must ask the question, have we been good tenants of the planet?  

Last week, we passed legislation in the House which enabled every municipality to set its own rules about single use plastic bags.  Here on Earth Day, I must ask if we went far enough.  The plastic bags into which I put groceries, or leaves, or trash will last longer than their contents, and longer than I will last.  Is that good tenancy?

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This week in the Education Committee
One of the proposals we heard this week had to deal with removing the limit on Charter Schools.  The current limit is set at 10 Charter Schools, and we have nine.  This bill would allow that cap to be removed, permitting the creation of additional charter schools.  

When I think that Charter Schools current spend 20 million dollars a year, and that we have note funded regular public education at the level we promised, then I must say I’m opposed to this notion.

More importantly, we have yet to have a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the charter schools in the state.  Put frankly, we do not have good reliable evidence that they are working as we had hoped.  

Why would we begin the process of adding more charter schools when we don’t know if the experiment has been working.




So, we are each where we are because of a teacher.  
In first grade, some teacher helped with our jackets and boots.
In second grade, some teacher taught us sounds and numbers.
In third grade, some teacher taught us to read - I can still remember Ms. Bignalli
And that continues.

Why oh why - when these teachers have retired do we  take from their retirement and health care funds - funds we all set aside for them?  Somehow it’s just not right to promise retired teachers that their health care would be funded at 100% and then limit that to 45%.  

We don’t take money from any other group - but it seems that teachers are “fair game” whenever some other group needs bailing out.

As always, feel free to write to me and let me know your thoughts.

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