2017-Franco American Day
AUGUSTA —Rep. John Martin, D-Eagle Lake, and Sen. Susan Deschambault, D-Biddeford, co-chairs of the Legislature’s Franco-American Caucus, announced Tuesday that the 16th Annual Franco-American Day will be held at the State Capitol in Augusta on Wednesday, April 19th.
“Maine was built by Franco-Americans and it gives me great pride to celebrate that history,” said Rep. Martin. “As co-chair of the Franco-American Caucus, I look forward to collectively honoring the culture and tradition that continue to shape our state.”
“French is my first language, and my family’s history is the history of Franco-Americans in Maine,” said Sen. Deschambault. “My grandparents started a successful laundry business in Biddeford, where they served the millworkers and others who came to Maine to build a life for their families. That businesses endured for generations, just like our pride in our heritage has endured. I’m thrilled to honor my family and the thousands of Franco-American families like mine on Wednesday.”
Maine’s celebration will include the Presentation of Colors by the Franco-American Veterans and presentations by dignitaries including a representative of David Alward, Consulate General in Boston, Canada; Valery Freland, Consulate General in Boston, France and Marie-Claude Francoeur, Quebec Delegate in Boston.
Representatives of Maine’s congressional delegation will also be attendance.
A press conference including Gov. Paul LePage, will be held at 11:45a.m. to announce the nominees to the Franco-American Hall of Fame and recognize visiting dignitaries.
A variety of musical groups from around Maine will be performing French Canadian and Franco-American music throughout the morning in the Hall of Flags and Rachel Boucher Ellis, of Augusta, will be performing the national anthems of America, Canada, and France in both the Senate and House chambers.
Lastly, the Cross Cafeteria in the neighboring Cross Office Building will be serving a Franco-American menu and there will be displays from Franco-American organizations throughout the state in the Hall of Flags.
A full agenda will be available to press the morning of Wednesday, April 19, 2017.