2017-01-13 Update

2017-01-13 - Update

Events and Happenings

Every week I try to send out an update about all things legislative.  This note will contain lots of references and links. 


While we were down and out with the flu here at the Fuller household and I was not able to attend the legislative sessions or the Maine Development Foundation bus trip, I was able to study and prepare for what’s coming in the future.

First, one of the resources we are mailed every day is the House Calendar.  We receive this publication each morning before session, and it outlines and describes what is to happen in the session.  While I can not send these along in advance, I can include them with the weekly update.  

House Calendar - January 10

House Calendar - January 11

This week, Governor LePage presented his budget.  It’s complex.  As a freshman representative, I’m learning to read these complex documents, sometimes wondering if complexity masks the truth and the real agendas. From my first reading and initial reactions, I wonder if this is a budget conceived to help residents of the state of Maine.  I worry about what appears to be a tax shift to property taxes.  If we do not invest in our populace, how can our populace return on that investment?  That’s where common sense should reach beyond mere budget agenda.  Luckily, we have time to examine fully this budget - and I do feel this will have many eyes on it before final passage.

The link to the budget can be found here.  


Budget Proposal for 2018 - 2019

Over the week, there have been lots of invitations to many different kinds of events.  These are largely invitations to attend information sessions.  But, I calendar things - and rely on calendars to help know where to go.  So, the calendar of legislative events and happenings can be found here.


Calendar of Events


Or, alternatively, you can look at the calendar in the sidebar of this web page. It's really the same calendar.



So, I do follow the news, both locally and nationally.  

We have moved into a “post-truth” world.  Anyone can seemingly make any claim, and if they have any degree of authority or opinion, that claim is seen as truth.  Aldous Huxley and George Orwell’s nightmare of what the future might hold may have finally materialized.  As a citizen, and as an English teacher, I read this article, and thought - “What if it is what it says?”

The article can be found at - What Truth

We must all be cautionary about a post-truth world -  and a healthy skepticism may be an important trait.  

Always feel free to contact me with your thoughts, concerns, and observations.

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