2017-01-09 Concern

Mondary Morning -


I'll admit a bit of conern about Donald Trump's upcoming Presidency. 


I"ll admit a bit of concern about Governor LePage's budget and his language about reducing education funding by gutting school districts.


I"ll admit a bit of concern about what appears to be deliberate and intrusive Russian influence in national electioins.


Today, however, I  must register a great concern about pedestrian safety in Maine. Another accident, this time on Hotel Road in Auburn, makes me worry for the safety of pedestrians.  Yet again.


Accidents happen. People make mistrakes. It's winter in Maine and the roads are narrow and visibiulity is reduced.  None of these conditions however can atone for the fact that yet another pedestrian has been struck.


Whatever the causes, whatever the reasons, whatever the conditions, we need to work to better protect pedestrians. 





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