2016-12-31 Update


Happy New Year - Here's hoping that we all have a good, prosperous and healthy new year. 


As the legislative session begins next week, you'll notice some changes here.  I'll move toward a weekly update as that may be the best way to keep everyone informed.


The last day for submitting bills for the next legislative session was last Friday, December 30, 2016.


While clearly still a freshman legislator, I'm trying to learn the ropes and engage as fully as possible in the process.


I did submit a few bills for consideration, knowing that there is more process to follow.


Here is a general description of some of the bills I submitted.


An Act to Improve Petting Zoo Safety - Petting zoos are great for youngsters, but potentially dangerous as the e-coli from animals can have devasting results on young children. This bill seeks to post signs and create disinfecting stations at petting zoos such as those found at country fairs in summer.


An Act to Move School Budgeting to a Biennial Basis - I've looked at enough school lbudgets to know they require enormous amounts of work for local school officials and employees.  This is something done every single year. Although the state budget is biennial, school budgets remain annual.  It seems that we could save time, energy and money by bringing the two systems in synch.  It might allow our school leaders to plan ahead, maintain programs, and focus on the most important thing - student learning.


An Act to Improve Pedestrian Safety - Maine has seen an increase in pedestrian fatalities of late.  While I know that local cities and towns monitor and work to improve safety for pedestrians, we can do a bettter job by looking at high pedestrian traffic areas and enhancing their safety. As a pedestrian myself, I have a first hand knowledge about pedestrian concerns.


These are three differnet bills.  Your comments are welcome. 



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